Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today on "Kresta in the Afternoon" - November 6, 2013

Talking about the "things that matter most" on November 6

4:00 - Toronto mayor vows to stay on after admitting crack use: Substance abuse by those in the public eye.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized yesterday after admitting that he once smoked crack cocaine, but vowed to stay in office in Canada's largest city and even seek re-election. The stunning admission by the 44-year-old came after repeated denials, and six months after a video surfaced that allegedly showed him consuming the illicit drug. This raises the question of why those in the public eye have a higher rate of substance abuse. Michael Vasquez of the St. Gregory Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehab is here to answer that question.

5:00 – Vatican is not 'polling' Catholics on marriage, family
It is “not true” that the Vatican is taking a poll to assess Catholics’ opinions on marriage issues in preparation for the 2014 Synod on the family, the Vatican press office has clarified. Responding to stories that appeared worldwide, Father Federico Lombardi said that a series of questions issued by the Synod office was “sent to bishops’ conferences throughout the world,” rather than an opinion poll. The Vatican spokesman also pointed out that the questions asked by the Synod “are not regarding the doctrinal position of the Church,” but aimed to solicit information about pastoral practices and public attitudes in different societies. Phil Lawler is here to discuss this “non-story.”
5:20 – Election Analysis: Chris Christie Wins Big, Terry McAuliffe takes VA. What does this mean for the future?
The 2016 overtones were clear in this year's two most high-profile elections. Republican Gov. Chris Christie's resounding re-election victory in Democratic-leaning New Jersey sets the opening argument for a possible White House run while Terry McAuliffe's gubernatorial victory gives fellow Democrats — if not his confidante Hillary Rodham Clinton, herself — a road map for success in the pivotal presidential swing-voting state. Christie became the first Republican to earn more than 50 percent of the New Jersey vote in a quarter-century. McAuliffe is the first member of the party occupying the White House to become Virginia governor since 1977. Catholic columnist Kathryn Jean Lopez reads the tealeaves. 
5:40 – Kresta Comments

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