BRISBANE, December 20, 2012, ( – In prison since April, Graham Preston a father of seven children is home just in time to celebrate Christmas with his family. was there to share his happy return.
Preston was jailed for refusing to pay roughly $8,000 in fines that have accumulated after 10 years of non-violently blocking the entrances of four abortion clinics around Brisbane.
Since beginning non-violent direct action with the group Protect Life a decade ago, Preston has endured more than 18 months in jail over six separate jail-terms, mostly in Brisbane’s maximum security Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.
At the time of his latest incarceration Mr. Preston’s wife, Liz, told that she was extremely proud of her husband.
“I have immense respect for Graham,” she said. “He is a very courageous person who has my full support in these actions. Facing the prospect of having Graham in jail for eight months is quite daunting. However, we have always realized that challenging the abortion culture would be costly and we have tried to not allow the potential cost prevent us from doing what we believe is right.”
Graham’s daughter Frances, 18, said, “I have a lot of respect for my dad and how he takes his convictions seriously. I hope I can live as consistent a life as his. Of course, I will miss him, and I will visit him as often as possible.”
Daughter Suzannah, eight, said, “I will miss him every day until he comes home in December, five days before Christmas. I will pray for him every night.”