Monday, May 17, 2010

Europe's abortion rules

Below is a very helpful guide to the current abortion laws in Europe. You can get a fuller description of each country's laws here. I love charts and graphs. :)



  1. Interesting how the nearly smallest nation in Europe may be the linchpin to preserving the Catholic faith on the continent.

  2. I am from Malta. I would say that the chart is indicating "easy way out" solutions - any flimsy excuse will do if one wants to procure an abortion; and if push comes to shove you abort to cure the mother, rather than "operate to cure the condition".
    When it is a question of life or death, there is the "double effect" principle, since the life of the mother and that of the child have an equal value.

    Tanja Cilia

  3. Got to love Malta!

  4. I'm looking at all those evil lax countries. Then I turn my eyes back on the U.S.. We've got a long way to go to improve our lot. The Lord has a special purpose in preserving peace in our time for the U.S.--we will probably fail in preserving, we will be fighting for it again. Our Lady of America--Bishop Approval.