Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today on Kresta - March 26, 2009

Talking about the "things that matter most" on Mar. 26

3:00 – Lenten Pep Talk: Holy Week is Coming
As we enter the closing weeks of Lent, Ave Maria Radio chaplain Fr. Pat Egan joins us to offer a Lenten pick-me-up if you are struggling to keep you commitments, or to keep your eyes focused on Holy Week. We look at how to prepare for Holy Week, how to celebrate Holy Week, and the symbolism of some of the things we will be experiencing in the Triduum liturgy.

3:20 – Newspapers Continue to Fold – Is a Newspaper Bailout Next?
With the newspaper industry going under, many Americans will lose the educational benefit of them. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) conducted a civic literacy study recently and found that Americans do not need a college education; they must read newspapers. “Actively seeking knowledge through print media and high-quality conversations has the opposite effect from having conversations on the phone with friends or watching television. Reading about history and current events in books, magazines, and newspapers increases a respondent’s civic literacy.” That according to ISI’s Rich Brake. He’s here to look at the effect of the collapse of the newspaper industry.

3:40 – Terri’s Day: To Be Celebrated at Ave Maria University
Each year, on the anniversary of Terri’s death, The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, in collaboration with Priests for Life, celebrate “Terri’s Day” – an international day of prayer and remembrance. On March 31, 2005, Terri died of marked dehydration following more than 13 days without nutrition or hydration under the order of Circuit Court Judge, George W. Greer. Terri was 41. This year’s celebration will be hosted by Ave Maria University. Terri’s brother, Bobby Schindler, joins us.

4:00 – The Velveteen Rabbit
“The Velveteen Rabbit” is a lovely and touching tale, inspired by Margery Williams' children's book, set in the early 20th century, about a lonely boy sent to live with his stern grandmother by his emotionally distant widowed father. The boy finds friendship in a stuffed rabbit, a toy horse, and a toy swan. Sensitively directed by Michael Landon Jr. and with good performances all around, the film uses a mixture of live action and retro animation to convey its life lessons and the moving message that "love is what makes us real.” It’s now out on DVD and Landon joins us to discuss it.

4:20 – Moved by the Spirit: God's Power at Work in His People
Looking for an extreme personal makeover? The Holy Spirit is your answer. The Spirit acts in us as "architect and contractor," says popular Catholic author Kevin Perrotta, to bring about God's plan for our lives. His new six-session Bible study explores such questions as: What does the Spirit come to do in us? How can we experience his presence and cooperate with him? What will happen if we do? Scenes from Luke's gospel featuring Mary and Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, and Jesus himself are included here, as well as two scenes from the Book of Acts. Kevin is here to discuss God’s power at work in his people.

5:00 – Direct to my Desk – The Ten Biggest Lies in History
According to myth, a young George Washington confessed to cutting down a cherry tree by proclaiming, "I cannot tell a lie." The story is testament to how much respect Americans have for their cherished first president and honesty in general. Unfortunately, in the annals of history it seems there are 10 dishonest scoundrels for every honorable hero like Washington. Supposedly, the truth can set you free. But for many, deceit holds the key to money, fame, revenge or power, and these prove all too tempting. In history, this has often resulted in elaborate hoaxes, perjuries, and forgeries that had enormous ripple effects. We go over some of the most colossal and significant lies in history. Although such a list can't be comprehensive, we sought to include a variety of lies that influenced politics, science and even art. As a result of these, lives were lost, life-savings destroyed, legitimate research hampered and -- most of all -- faith in our fellow man shattered. And we want your contributions to our list.

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