Friday, April 27, 2012

Birth to Twelve Years Old in 2 min. 45 sec

According to the brief accompanying text, “Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter every week, from birth up until she turned 12 years old and then made this time lapse edit. Fascinating.”

If you are a parent, you will doubtless think to yourself,” That’s right!” It DOES seem as if our children grow up before us in a blink of an eye. And what jumps out at you is the continuity. While there is gradual, ongoing change, Lotte at birth is Lotte at 12, only bigger and able to make even more comically funny faces.
I wonder, what if a woman facing a crisis pregnancy were able to see in her mind’s eye a time lapse edit of her developing child—from whatever stage the baby is at the point when she may be contemplating an abortion until birth. She would see that it really isn’t all that long and that the baby who is tiny and sort of a stranger now will soon be much larger and someone for whom she (paradoxically) would give her life.

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