Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Al Kresta Challenges Former Priest Alberto Cutie

THIS AFTERNOON on "Kresta in the Afternoon" Al will be interviewing Alberto Cutie a.k.a. "Father 'Oprah'" due to his frequent radio and television appearances. Cutie was formerly a priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, and has now written a self-justifying book entitled Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle With Faith and Love. The book is his attempt to justify his double life which was exposed in May of 2009 when the paparazzi photographed him on a Miami beach in the arms of his "girlfriend." He quickly made a public showing of his departure from the priesthood, marriage, and entry into the Anglican clerical state.
But the scandal is not ended. His new book makes sure of that as it attacks the Church and continues to lead the faithful astray with his outrageous claims and skewed theology. 
It is for this reason that Al has decided to challenge him and expose his deception, false teaching, and accommodation to the world.
Be with us from 4-6 p.m. Eastern Time for this riveting and instructional interview.


  1. Why does he feel he has to attack the church? If he wants to leave the priesthood, so be it, but do it with honor and dignity.

  2. It's his own personal guilt. He 'could' leave without attacking the Church, but has chosen to. Let's face it (or perhaps 'he' should)....It was deception that led to the discovery of his 'secret'(girlfriend, and life)....and so why shouldn't deception follow him elsewhere? (seems he lives by its code of moral conduct)....

  3. sad to see a priest seduced and fallen...may he repent and stop rationalizing his fall as a struggle with faith. It was a struggle with the flesh and lust, not faith and love.

  4. All priests including this one take a VOW of obedience to the Catholic Church which includes celibacy. If he read the "CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, Second Edition" # 2349, 915, 1579, and 1599 he would know the correct answers.
    Albert Cutie has rejected the Church in favor of sex.
    Our Lord was murdered by those who refused to live according to God's word. Cutie has choosen his own will over God's will.
    What gives him the right to wear the Roman Collar anymore?

  5. "Real life, Real love" - bologna! If he cared at all about the Church, he would not attack it, but would go quietly about his private business.
    All this Priest cares about is sex and money. (The devil loves this.) Sex and attacking the Church sells books.

  6. Ah...reminds me of Adam and Eve in the garden. God comes looking for the sinners and asked them what happened.

    God: Why would you do such a thing?
    Adam: The woman made me do it.
    Eve: The serpent made me do it.
    Cutie: The hypocrisy of the Church made me do it.

    Real men take responsibility for their own actions. Grow up, Cutie.

    But one thing he says is true. Many wicked bishops will look the other way about all manner of sexual immorality until it becomes public. Then they are shocked, absolutely shocked and "take immediate action" after being silent for years and even decades.

    Well, our trust is not in men, especially bishops, thank God!

  7. When will the interview be available on-line? Thanks!

  8. NOT all Catholic priests take a vow of celibacy (chastity, yes), there are MANY married Eastern Catholic priests.

  9. Al mentioned after the interview that Cutie sent him a picture of his wife, baby and himself with a caption: Can this be sinful? Is he serious?! This is like a man who fathers a child with his mistress and shows his wife the picture of his cute baby and says, "Look,honey, can you call this sinful?"
    In other words, he (Cutie) would have us believe that fornication is ok because look at the result?!!!Forget celibacy...cutchee cutchee coo. Oh, man, is this character advising people on moral issues???

  10. Adam,if you are an Eastern Catholic priest, fine, you have not broken any vows.
    If you take a vow of celibacy however, you are responsible to keep it or bear the guilt, NOT blame the Church. Or the woman. IF you are a man, you take the blame yourself, repent, confess and make amends.
    You don't write a book blaming the whole world. That is the cowards way out.

  11. Great interview, Al. Fr. Cutie handled himself well but still seemed to squirm in response to your direct questioning. He seemed like a kid who thought he got away with something with mom but then dad came home and blew his cover. His repeated response "it was more complicated than that" to very simple questions were a very flimsy cover for his obvious missteps and disrespect to the Church along the way.

  12. Well, if you had the gift to read his soul and call his sin on that, I doubt he would listen. Good interview. I'm not sure I could have been as charitable but you were.

  13. I was reading "The Light of The World" ad right after I heard this interview I read the discussion how the demeanor of Ireland and other places transformed from an attitude of punishment of sinners to an atitude of love and being charitable and it lead to stalling or improper attitudes regarding the sexual abuse. The pope said we became a church that no longer valued punishment and in this sense we actually devalued love. I couldn't help but think of this connection to Alberto Cutie who was belly-aching that the church was more about "punishment" and not about "love". It is interesting that the pope saw this diminished view of love, one that Alberto Cutie supported, was what the pope pegged as a perpetuation of the sexual abuse problems in the church. I wonder what Alberto would say to that.

  14. I would be interested in knowing how many of your listeners and readers have read Fr. Cutie's new book. What I read was not an “attack” on the church but rather, an attempt to expose the sinfulness, immorality and deception that have infiltrated the catholic church. Certainly not all, but many, many priests are living lives that are a complete sham, many seminaries have been a hotbed of homosexual behavior, and, what seems the most shocking and baffling to me, is that many Catholics are content to turn a blind eye to what happened and continues to happen. I recommend "Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church" to anyone who is willing to learn more about the sexual abuse that has been, and continues to be, rampant within the catholic church. My heart goes out to priests, especially those who entered the priesthood with a somewhat naïve or idyllic understanding of what they were getting into. There must be grace and not condemnation for pastors such as Fr. Cutie who take vows before they really understand what they are getting into, or who, for whatever reason, feel they can no longer fulfill their vows. If you read his book you may come to realize, just as Fr. C. did, that the church is NOT what it professes to be. It is not Fr. Cutie and his book that are “lead(ing) the faithful astray with his outrageous claims and skewed theology.” Catholics are fleeing in droves because they are tired of being deceived and treated like children, and can no longer associate themselves with an institution that embraces deceit, intimidation, secrecy, moral corruption, deviant behavior and hypocrisy. During your interview it was said that Fr. Cutie “was cheating on his Bride, the church.”(Kresta) However, nothing is said about the extent and the depth of his “bride’s” cheating and unfaithfulness to him. He pledged fidelity, yet he was the recipient of many instances of unfaithfulness. He pledged sexual purity, yet he found deviant sexual behavior to be rampant in his “spouse”. He pledged sincerity and truthfulness in his shepherding of those he was called to serve, yet his “spouse” habitually used deceit and hypocrisy in her relationship with him and his fellow priests. I would not wish that "marriage" on anyone! Were his actions sinful? (Feel free to start picking up stones from that pile over there.) Do I - and you- sin on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis? (You had better get a lot more of those stones ready to throw at me.) So when all the stones have been thrown, what are we left with? A former catholic priest who has been publicly crucified not only for sinning, but also for not seeking laicization “rather than scandalize the church.” (Kresta) Oh, and yes, we are also left with the catholic church, which will continue seeking to avoid scandal by diverting our attention, by pointing off in some other direction, by claiming it is the only one worthy of doling out forgiveness and offering a path to restoration. The catholic church desperately needs to be asking, no…pleading! for forgiveness and seeking a path of repentance and restoration.
    Nothing short of Jesus storming in (as He did when He overturned the moneychangers’ tables in the temple) will be able to save the catholic church. I no longer pledge my support to, and place my belief in, an institution that has lost all credibility.
    I suspect my words will fall on deaf ears (and may not even make it on to your website) but, just as you are adamant in your beliefs, I, too, feel a burden to speak up where others can not or will not.

  15. Nobody sent a PICTURE TO AL KRESTA, nobody fathered a child with a MISTRESS... All of you are FULL OF LIES. Maybe that is why people LEAVE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    Destroy the priest who gave you 25 years! That is not... "Love one another as I have loved you..."

    1. Ruhama. Is that you?