Friday, September 17, 2010

Outrageous Statement of the Day

Barry Lynn of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is more concerned about Christian fundamentalism than Islamic fundamentalism. "I worry about Islamic fundamentalism, there's fundamentalists in every religion, but I worry a lot more about the imminent return of Christian fundamentalism that will try to tell every single American how to live from the moment of conception until the moment of death."


  1. Barry Lynn needs to read the US Constitution including the Bill of Rights.
    There are NO Conflicts between the Constitution an the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" when read in their entirety.
    The problem is Politicians who do not live up to their Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution, and wacko Judges who illegally re-write laws to their own preferance or lifestyle.
    All Lynn is doing is calling names with no documentation or facts.

  2. A good non-religious teaching internet site is: "Endowment for Human Development".
    Using the latest technology it shows a baby from conception to delivery. In week 8 it shows right or left hand dominance. This is documentation. I suggest Mr. Lynn prove these babies are not human.
    By week 8 the baby shows right or left hand dominance.
    These babies are innocent human beings. Killing is Murder. And we don't kill because someone is an inconvenience.
    Christians and Jews believe -"Thou shall not kill". said - God.
    If there is no respect for human life in a Society, a Nation will fall.

  3. Lynn has a big mouth with no documentation to back anything up. He is a physco who fears, fears fears or he is working for the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist Democratic Party. (Which is evidenced by his not mentioning all the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by athiest George Soros.)
    No one is going to make Lynn do anything. He can choose Hell if he desires.
    No one is going to tell homosexuals what to do in the privacy of their own homes.
    The following are all legitimate election dicussions:
    1. Respect for human life from beginning until natual end;
    2. Taxpayer funding of abortion in the US and abroad;
    3. Government over-spending and waste;
    4. Administration Policy for promoting abortion in the UN.
    5. Lack of Private Sector Jobs;
    6. Politicans and Judges not adhering to the Constitution.
    7. Wasting taxpayer money on fake global warming, while not enforcing the existing "Clean Air Act" and "Clean Water Act";
    8. Refusal by Administration to enforce existing laws on immigration and border protection in any meaningful way.
    9. Refusal by Administration to enforce existing tax laws (IRS) with over $1 billion owed by Administration, Senate, House and other Federal employees;
    10. Refusal by Congress to enforce corruption laws in Senate and House;
    11. Refusal by Administration to enforce voting rights laws regarding action of Black Panthers;
    12. Refusal by Senators and Congressman to read bills prior to voting.
    This should get us started.
    Doesn't Lynn have any other concerns that he can prove?

  4. Talking about over-spending from the Obama Administration? And Lynn is worried about stuff he can not prove.
    We are becoming a third world Country. As of this date and time the USA is only $13,256,575,280,520.74 in debt. The biggest debt in the existance of our Country. The Fall of our Government may be the intent of the Socialists in power.
    The Dems have been in control of the Country (House & Senate) since Jan 2007. Obama joined them in Jan.2009.
    Here are are few taxpayer funded Obama follies:
    Stanley Morgan;
    Goldman Sachs;
    Freddie Mac;
    Fannie Mae;
    Wells Fargo;
    US Bankcorp;
    Captial One;
    American Express;
    Sun Trust;
    Fifth Third;
    JP Morgan Chase;
    Unproven global warming research;
    Cash for Clunkers;
    Stimulas packages that do not work.
    The Dems still want Cap & Trade which will cause the price of every product in the US to go up.
    And they haven't finished forcing government run health care down the throats of those who do not need or want it.
    And all Lynn can do is complain about Glen Beck, and Religion? What kind of idiot is he?

  5. Glen Beck gets citizens to read the US Constitution to see exactly what it says.
    Liberals (who control public school cirricula and in Government) don't want Americans to know: the RIGHTS of the People, States rights, and the LIMITED POWER of the Federal Government - by law.
    This is called "SUBSIDIARITY".
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church also teaches "SUBSIDIARITY" - (1883, 1885, 1894, 2209, 2211).

  6. I think the over zealous attack on the Catholic Church in the US is because Progressives/Liberals/Socialists may have read the CCC - which includes - - - that
    Socialism, Communism, pure Capitalism, Collectivism, and excessive intervention by the Government are wrong. (1883, 1885, 2425, 1907)