Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thomas More Law Center Attorney Running for U.S. Congress

Brian Rooney, an Iraq War veteran and conservative constitutional lawyer, today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Michigan's 7th Congressional District. The seat is currently held by liberal Mark Schauer, who has consistently voted with Nancy Pelosi to expand government and bail out Wall Street, while ignoring the everyday concerns of the people of Michigan.

"I am running for Congress because of my children," said Rooney. "As a husband and father, I can no longer sit back and hope that someone else will take care of the mess that career politicians have wrought on our state and nation. The out of control spending of the peoples' hard earned money has driven our deficit to nearly $1.5 trillion and our national debt to $12 trillion. These are no longer real numbers, but a plaything to be used for pet projects and social engineering by the elites in Washington D.C."

Rooney, who re-enlisted in the Marines Corps after September 11, served in Iraq from 2004-5. His Marine Corps experience taught him an important lesson that is lost on today's Congress, "When I was an officer, I would always teach my Marines - like I was taught - that wherever we went, we had to leave the place better off than the way we found it. I've carried this belief with me outside the Corps as well. Every generation has been given an America better than what was given them, but my children will not have that benefit with Mark Schauer's voting record," said Rooney.

Rooney now works as a constitutional lawyer at the Thomas More Law Center, a conservative law firm dedicated to the defense and promotion of life, religious freedom, and a strong national security.

"Mark Schauer and his like-minded friends in Congress have betrayed over 200 years of American history as they take over private companies, fire CEOs, and bail out Wall Street Fat Cats. The reward for working families is 15% unemployment," said Rooney. "We need to get Michigan and America back to work, and that starts with replacing Mark Schauer with someone who will represent the interests of the people of the 7th District , not Washington Special Interests."

Brian Rooney is married to his high school sweetheart, Tiffany, and they live in Dexter, Michigan with their three children.


  1. Pro-death catholics have deviated so far from the words of john paul the 2nd,that rooneys involvement in this immoral iraqi invasion is seen as something good.I'm glad john paul the second is not alive to see catholics embrace the American/protestant/war machine he preached against. Elliot

  2. Elliot, I am equally glad to know that John Paul II isn't alive to witness the American/materialist/secular Culture of Death (abortion, euthanasia, birth control, neglect of the poor, etc.) against which he preached so vehemently, especially in Evangelium Vitae. I am thankful to God for such a great man. He laid the foundation needed to revolutionize the evangelical aspect of our faith. Now our current Holy Father has taken up the charge against a culture that can lead only to the eradication of our people (C.S. Lewis, "The Abolition of Man"). Glory be to God that John Paul II may rest in Heaven while men like those on this radio station struggle and strain here on earth to keep aflame the message he so desperately desired to be spread.

    In Christ,

    Matthew Wade